Dr. Jordan Schaul is a veterinary health scientist and zoologist.


He received graduate and professional school training at The Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Jordan is also a nature writer and exotic animal trainer with degrees in both biology and psychology.

Jordan has worked with captive wildlife for over twenty years in behavioral conditioning and modification capacities, and more recently with companion animals, including dogs of all kinds.

e1Jordan was an affiliate faculty member at the University of Alaska, Anchorage and a non-resident research associate at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. He served as a regular contributor to National Geographic from 2010  to 2014. Feel free to read his bio and peruse his archived articles: http://voices.nationalgeographic.com/author/jschaul/  .   He currently contributes to Awesome Ocean, The Dodo and other animal oriented publications.

10519209_10152567528863827_3099612348540948491_n Since relocating to Oregon in June of 2014, Jordan

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joined Western Wildlife Outreach as an associate conservation biologist. Western Wildlife Outreach, based in Washington State, mitigates human-large carnivore conflict in the Pacific Northwest through formal and informal education programming. JordScreen Shot 2016-08-06 at 11.40.03 AMan also serves on the board of directors for wildlife conservation organizations, including the Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation, which supports elephant safe-guarding programs in Zambia. He resides in Los Angeles, California.

ele1With regard to the cognition of dogs and wild carnivores, Jordan is interested in anthrozoology — the study of the human-animal bond.

He looks forward to learning all about

you and your dog, to help create the kind of family relationships you imagined and hoped for.

Passionate about educating clients and the general public concerning the best animal care and welfare practices for companion animals and captive wildlife, Jordan offers both formal and informal outreach opportunities.

388126_2372821642069_1836219881_nIn regard to animal training and behavior modification, he has worked both protected and free-contact (with no protective barriers) with species ranging from elephants to sea lions in facilities as diverse as rescue centers, zoos and sanctuaries both in the US and internationally.

10519209_10152567528863827_3099612348540948491_nAmong his recent experiences interacting with animals, he raised and trained two orphaned Kodiak brown bear cubs as Curator of the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

This opportunity inspired him to focus more of his energy and attention on the welfare of of both captive wildlife and companion animals through behavioral enrichment and training.

Dr. Schaul received his graduate degrees in zoology and veterinary science from The Ohio State University.  He attended veterinary school for two years during and after completion of his. Jordan suspended his clinical studies to return to zoos in a curatorial and animal training capacity. He has since consulted numerous zoos and sanctuaries in areas as diverse as husbandry, advancement, branding and research.

Jordan was an affiliate professor at the University of Alaska and is also a prolific nature and science writer. He has served five non-profit boards and national and international wildlife organizations, including professional societies, councils and commissions.

Jordan  held a four-year contract with the National Geographic Society while living in Alaska and in South Asia. Read his archived articles here.

He is now a frequent contributor to Huffington Post and recently launched his own blog (My Social Influencers Dot Com), a popular culture publication, which includes interviews with noted celebrities and other influencers.

Jordan also writes about animal training for various popular publications.  His doppelganger is Woody Harrelson.

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