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The Human-Animal Bond:
While the safety of your animals are of paramount concern, we are committed to developing and/or strengthening the human-animal relations and welfare in your household. As human family to the furry and/or feathery, and as their lifelong primary care providers, your roles are often more complex or dynamic than you may credit or consider. As animal behavior consultants, we often fulfill roles more reminiscent of family and marriage therapists/coaches than as behaviorists and trainers for dogs and cats.

Requisite Complementary Initial Consult:
In casual conversation-style discussion, we will explore relational perspectives as they pertain to the behavioral biology of your pet in light of past, current and anticipated/expected human-pet communal living arrangements in your household.

Our Approach for Animals:
Using Applied Behavioral Analysis, we have adopted reward-based training more recently used in pediatric behavioral health settings to assist with emotional and psychological challenges. We offer animal training workshops, on-site (residential) and off–site instruction.

Our Approach for Animal Owners:
We are sympathetic and empathetic to issues on the home-front, out and about, on vacation or otherwise while traveling with your pets. Although, we are not magicians, we can make “magic” happen with a little bit of clarity from taking comprehensive histories (as you know your pets best) and some innovative troubleshooting.

Meeting your expectations and goals regarding compatibility at the human-pet interface is often much more realistic than you may believe or may have been told.

Client Service, Relations & Retention:
Lifestyle Responsive
Client Centered & Accommodating
Conversational-Style Teaching
Remote Video Capable
Comprehensive Histories Solicited
In Home & Simulation Center Training



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Dr. Schaul also provided advance praise for her scholarly cited behavior book The Cat Whisperer (Penguin Random House), which was coauthored with Cameron Powell.

If you love cats of all kinds, here are some of Jordan’s contributions to National Geographic’s Cat Watch:
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Wildlife in Human Care:

ABA (via operant conditioning) fosters and facilitates the management and care of animals in zoos and companion species, including dogs.

Jordan has advised zoological facilities, sanctuaries and rescue organizations dedicated to the rehabilitation of wildlife, including in-residence consultation at Wildlife SOS rescue centers in South Asia.

Balanced Training:
We use a very complete set of operant conditioning tools, and primarily positive reinforcement, to optimize physical, mental, emotional and social welfare. While ‘shaping’ and ‘capturing’ new behavior is integral to training captive wildlife, dog obedience training often involves modifying existing behaviors through positive reinforcement.

Marine Mammals:
Clicker training, for example, utilizes positive reinforcement to communicate to an animal that a requested or desired behavior has been ‘performed’ correctly.  Correct behaviors are typically rewarded with treats, toys or tactile (touch) stimulation and even a break from homework!

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Carnivores and Hoof-stock:
In zoos, aquariums, and often in sanctuaries/rescue centers, animals may voluntarily participate in regular conditioning programs, which promote enhanced psychological and physical welfare though behavioral enrichment and routine socialization.


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Compulsory Modalities (Remote Training Collars):

For the benefit of safety (which is paramount), we sometimes employ compulsory training practices for select clients’ anim™als. This includes those who may benefit from a balanced behavioral training program.

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