cubsIt was at an off-leash dog park in Southern California with his own rescued red Doberman, Baron, where Jordan first observed an underwhelming performance of dogs trained with the most conventional reward-based training techniques. Perhaps as few as 5% of the owners seemed to have much consistency recalling their dogs in the proximity of distractions from other dogs or owners in the confines of an enclosed off-leash dog park.

Although, it is nice to be able to call one’s dog at home, a dog that is truly trained should be responsive to recall under any circumstance. This was not the case and it raised concerns regarding the management and safety of dogs inside as well as outside of dog parks.

In talking to other trainers, Jordan discovered that many are opposed to dog parks presumably because their methods are not effective in these communal recreation areas.  Indeed, dogs are very difficult to disengage when wrestling and playing with other dogs, but that should not preclude visiting a dog park.

Jordan feels that dog parks are a great place to socialize dogs, which require socialization throughout life and not just during  puppy hood.   With adequate training a dog can become responsive to recall and other behavioral cues as well as adhere to a kind of etiquette that is deemed appropriate for visiting a dog park.

birdDr. Schaul has created a compulsion-praise training program for family dog owners in the area. Compulsion-praise techniques may be  used most frequently in the training of police and military dogs and other working and sport breeds, but Jordan has modified them for your family dog to fit your lifestyle.