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Hourly Rates (Individual Sessions)

Puppy & Rescue Socialization ($75.00 Per Hour)

Obedience, Including Leash Training ($95.00 Per Hour)

Behavior Management & Problem Solving: ($100.00 Hour)

Current Private Lesson Package Rates:

Remote Training Collar ($500.00 Per Hour)

Current Classes /Workshops:

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More About Remote Training Devices (e.g. E-Collars)

Sign up for our Smart Collar Trainer™️ program with Dr. Jordan Schaul.

With your purchase of a SMART DOG®️Remote Trainer, a new mobile app. compatible smart collar from PetSafe®️ ($74.99), we offer private training for your household and your dog.

The current package includes as many lessons as your family needs to become proficient. We offer follow-up technical support to make sure you and your dog are trained.


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