Our Training Approach

Dog Training: An Overview

Positive Training

Rewarding dogs with treats or petting for doing something right, when prompted or not, is the basic premise of “positive” or positive reinforcement dog training. Clicker training is just one of several methods used to motivate dogs to behave as we desire.

Negative, Aversive, Corrective or Simply Communicative?

Balanced Training

While we rely on positive practices as a foundation for training dogs, we sometimes complement reward-based dog training with correction. While some people find the use of correction to be alarming, it is simply another motivational tool. In fact, when used properly “aversive” training is communicative (communicates), rather than punitive (punishes). This is why we call it correction rather than punishment.

For high energy dogs, a balanced approach to obedience conditioning and behavioral training is often necessary to obtain lasting results and a happy household.
In the case of high energy or behaviorally challenged large dogs, modern high tech training collars can help you obtain sustainable results and happy dogs and happy people.
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Correction Compulsory


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